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China's essence Industry needs to be upgraded in a Real sense

China's essence Industry needs to be upgraded in a Real sense

The Chinese flavor and flavor market has huge development potential and market space. International famous flavor and flavor companies have invested in China to build factories, with the help of their original international popularity and technological advantages. At the same time, after years of development, a number of industry leading enterprises have emerged. With their understanding of local flavor, With stable product quality, reasonable product price and considerate technical service, these private enterprises gradually win the recognition of middle and high grade customers, and their market share and brand popularity are increasing day by day.

It is used in plastic products, rubber products, plastics, shoes, sachet, handicraft, textile, product packaging, outlet, hotel room, household goods, etc. Stationery, automobile interior accessories, etc. It is easy to be used in the production of plastic products, so that plastic products have a very good effect of incense retention.

The production and development of flavor and flavor industry is in line with the development of industry, beverage, daily chemical and other supporting industries. The rapid changes in downstream industries promote the continuous development of flavor and spice industry, the continuous improvement of product quality and the constant increase of varieties. The output and sales increase year by year. How to promote the transformation and upgrade of the industry has become a common problem for the industry to consider, to protect the huge demand of downstream industries, to promote the development of consumer goods market.

In addition to the foreign giants, the state-owned enterprises, with the exception of foreign giants, have weak basic research, low technological content, inflexible means of operation, and weak service consciousness, resulting in slow or even retrogressive development at present. Under the encouragement of the current national policy, private enterprises have developed very rapidly. With their flexible management mechanism and considerate service, they have won high praise from users, and their market share is constantly expanding. However, for most private enterprises, Due to poor economic and technical foundation, poor brand awareness, unstable product quality, this situation will usher in industry integration, and provide a basis for the industry leading enterprises to become bigger and stronger.