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Introduction of electrothermal liquid mosquito incense

Introduction of electrothermal liquid mosquito incense


Principle of electric heating liquid mosquito repellent incense

Electric heating liquid mosquito repellent incense is composed of mosquito repellent liquid and electric heater, and when the electric heater is connected to the power supply, the PtCr element begins to heat up, and then relies on the temperature adjustment function of the PTCR element itself. Keeping its temperature within a certain range. The heat produced by the PtCr element is transferred to the volatile core of the liquid by heat radiation, so that the liquid absorbed from the liquid bottle to the upper end of the mandrel through the capillary action of the volatile core increases the dispersal speed under the heat radiation heating. When the concentration of insecticidal components in space reaches a certain concentration, repellent, paralytic, knock down and lethal effects on mosquitoes are produced. Electrothermal liquid mosquito incense heating The inner wall temperature of the intermediate metal sleeve is between 120 and 130 , and the temperature of the volatile core is in the range of 90 to 100 .


At present, more than 1% (m / m) promethrin is used, 45 ml per bottle, about 20-30 days (8-10 hours per day), the indoor effective range is about 15 square meters. This liquid is a high-efficiency, safe pyrethroid, flavor and other compound, volatile substances to the human body, food harmless. The electric heat liquid mosquito repellent incense is easy to use, safe and stable. It does not need to change new mosquito tablets every day like electric mosquito repellent tablets, and a bottle can be used for 30-45 days.